Buckle colar for small, medium and large dogs

A single-color classic among collars for small, medium and large dogs. Made from durable and waterproof Biothane®, it features sturdy fittings and a 5-step adjustment range. The colors have been matched to the collection, making it easier to choose. The width is also optional depending on the size of the dog and the owner's preferences. A buckle collar for small, medium and large dogs, like the rest of our products, is handcrafted with due diligence.

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Buckle Collar for small, medium and large dogs by Bura.


A collar is one of the most crucial elements of a dog's equipment. Not only does it allow for leash attachment, but it also serves for dog identification and ensures safety during walks. Choosing the right collar can be challenging, especially for those who are just starting their journey with a furry friend.

One popular option is the buckle collar for small, medium and large dogs made from BioThane®. It's an excellent choice for those who value simplicity and elegance in their dog's accessories combined with functionality. Its classic design makes it suitable for all types of fur and looks great on every dog.

Our collars come in a single-color, presenting a stylish and timeless appearance. They are available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your dog's personality and character.

A BioThane collar is characterized by exceptional durability and resistance to damage. It doesn't deteriorate, doesn't soil the dog's fur, and doesn't discolor it, unlike natural leather. Moreover, after a muddy walk, you can easily and quickly clean it under running water, making it very easy to maintain. BioThane® is highly durable and soft, ensuring a perfect fit around the dog's neck, providing maximum comfort and safety. It doesn't cause abrasions or irritations on the dog's skin, which is especially important for dogs with sensitive skin. Additionally, a buckle collar made from BioThane doesn't lose its color, doesn't heat up during summer walks, and doesn't stiffen in freezing temperatures. It is waterproof, allowing the dog to swim freely.

A buckle-on-holes collar is a true classic among collars. It works well for dogs of various sizes and strengths, from small breeds like Chihuahuas or Yorkshire Terriers, through medium breeds like Schnauzers and Cocker Spaniels, to larger breeds like Labradors or White Swiss Shepherds.

The collar consists of the main part - a strap that encircles the dog's neck, and a classic fastener - a buckle, allowing for easy and quick putting on and taking off. The main advantage of a metal buckle is its durability and elegant appearance. Unlike collars with a plastic buckle, there is no risk of the dog breaking free, which is particularly important for owners of stronger dogs. The collar has an adjustment feature, allowing for a perfect fit around the dog's neck. For the buckle-on-holes collar, we add a BioThane loop as an option, preventing the strap from protruding. It also comes with a D-ring for leash attachment.

In summary, a collar is a crucial accessory for every dog, allowing for leash or training line attachment during walks. This enables controlling the dog by guiding its head, stopping it, and regulating its pace. A collar is indispensable in every situation, especially during dog training, as it ensures safe interaction. It's also helpful in teaching loose leash walking for puppies. It's recommended to place the owner's information and the dog's name on the collar to facilitate finding the dog in case of loss.

If you are looking for a collar that combines functionality with elegance, the buckle collar will be an excellent choice. Safe, comfortable, and stylish, it will make your dog feel at ease during walks.

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